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China Custom Clear Plastic Molding Manufacturer

Clear plastic parts are made of transparent plastic material injection molding, including automobile leadlights shell, lighting, lenses, agnifying galasser, etc. Clear plastic parts manufacturing is based on a complex interaction between man, machine, material and mold. Optical grade materials, dehumidification, dust removal, a clean room environment and the right temperature during the melting process, the perfect control of machine and process parameters, and our high precision and somoth injection mold lead to results with the highest homogeneity and clarity optical plastic parts.

Turnkey Clear Plastic Parts Manufacturing Solution

We specialize in custom clear plastic parts making that meet high apperance smooth quality standards. Our Clear plastic parts are found in any number of optical applianction including mobile, camera, medical optical equipment, automotive light, and more.

In addition, Our continuously optimized processes, and robot systems, and modular automation solutions guarantee maximum manufacturing flexibility.

   Super Smooth Apperance Polish--2nm Smooth Finish

■  Strick Mangement

■  Optical Clear Unique Machine

■  Design for Manufacturability(DFM)

Our Core Competencies
Our customers include leading national and international companies in automotive, medical, the lighting, sensors and consumer electronics. As a strategic partner and leading supplier, we continuous offer solutions and innovations meet our customer request in the field of clear plastic parts
✓ Over 20 Years  experience in Complex Shapes Clear Plastic parts Manufacturing
✓ Provide the Most Smooth 2 nm Surface Finish
✓ 5-axis Precision Milling Provide Mold Surface Flat
✓ Sodick Mirror Surface Erosion EDM.
 Mitsubishi Wire Cut EDM.
✓ Autodesk Moldflow Analysis, Excellent Mold Design
 Hand Polished by Specialized Skilled Craftsmen
 Meet Optical Testing, Aesthetic or Display Purposes of Similar End-use Parts
 Consistent Quality of Parts
 Ability to Produce Large Quantities and Reduce Cost

Complete Clear Plastic Molding Solution

Custom Clear Plastic Molding Manufacturing Specialist

In the injection molding of clear plastic components, the molding process also has a significant influence on the part geometry, but the part of geometry also affect molding process. Accordingly, uncompromising adherence to the tightest tolerances is essential. During the entire production process, our experienced setters and process mechanics monitor all relevant parameters in addition to our test engineers in order to be able to react to deviations as quickly as possible. In projects with very high quantities, solutions for 100% inspection by automated test systems are also available in addition to inspections by our highly qualified team. In this way, clear plastic parts are produced shot for shot with the highest precision.

Innovative automation and total control of process parameters ensure high quality series production - for large volume series with multiple cavity moulds as well as for small series.

Innovative Clear Plastic Parts Mold Design

The design of high precisi on injection molding parts and the associated molds is complex. If the component is also to fulfill optical functions, special know-how is required. Only if the design rules are adhered to and at the same time all specifications for achieving optical quality are taken into account, will functioning mold concepts be created.

With us, part and mold design are in the hands of one team. This ensures the transfer of all relevant information and knowledge. Rigorous design and simulation software supports fundamental decisions, for example on the choice of gating system, mold temperature control, cooling system, molded part output and molded part separation. We use filling simulations to analyze critical issues, optimize processes and make our customers' projects even more cost-effective.

High Standard Clear Plastic Parts Mold Making

The critical success factors in plastics processing are the development, design and, ultimately, the precision of a mold. to ensure that injection mold can withstand maximum mechanical stresses,the choice of the right materials, modern machining methods, advanced processing equipment and,above all,the experience of highly qualified mold mechanics are essential. 

To produce the optically effective surfaces, the high precision mold inserts must meet the highest requirements for dimensional accuracy and surface quality. Manufacturing them is one of Amazing Plastics's core competencies. By means of machining such as turning, milling, grinding, mirror surface Electric Discharge Machining corrosion, and precision wire cut Electric Discharge Machining erosion, and planing in up to four machining axes, free-form surfaces, finest linear and microstructures are introduced into the optical inserts. our the most smooth surface reoughness can reach to 2 nm--depent on the part of shape.

Applications of Clear Plastic Molding

Clear plastic parts are used in a wide range of applications, we are your ideal partner for the clear plastic parts. we produced clear plastic parts like,

  Cameras, mobile photo modules, magnifying galasser

  Automotive lights, dashboard lighting, street lighting, home light, work light

  Svrveillance Lenses

  Microscope endoscope, periscope, astronomical telescope

  VR optical modules

  Laser resonant cavities, laser devices, laser fusion systems.

  Lithography equipment

  Medical Optical equipment

  Scanner lenses

One-stop OEM Your Clear Plastic Molding

We work with 20 years of experience to provide full-service custom injection molding services to help create, design, development, production clear plastic parts. We work to Highly request tolerances and quality standard to ensure that the part you need is formed with percision, using advanced automatic servo robotic, and vision systems.

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