Gas Assist Molding

Gas Assisted Molding Service

Gas assisted injection molding is a process which inert gas (usually is nitrogen) is used to push and displace unfrozen plastic material to hollow out plastic parts. In the gas assist injection molding process, the plastic material is melted and injected into the mold cavities via the conventional plastic injection molding process. Then the nitrogen gas is injected directly into the component's cavity, pushing the unfrozen plastic into the mold extremities, while hollowing out thicker sections in the part.

Innovative Gas Assist Injection Molding Solutions

From a product design perspective, gas assist injection molding allows engineers to create larger, thicker, and more complex moldable and no shrinkage plastic parts that would not be possible using traditional methods. A few design considerations need to be taken for gas assist molded parts when designing for manufacturing. The part design must be adapted to include features that control where, when, and how gas is introduced on the plastic surfaces.

   Avoid Sharp Corner
   Considering Gas Entry and Exit Locations
   Design for Manufacturability
   Engineering Support
   Material Selection Suggestion

Our Core Competencies

At Amazing Plastics, we partner with our customers to create customized gas assist injection molding solutions. Design consultation with customers is critical in this process to optimize efficiency and apply cost-effective approaches to product development and solution implementation. Collaborative product design ensures adherence to industry best practices. Our engineering design services result in premium gas assist molding products and solutions that create lasting and mutually beneficial relationships and partnerships. 
✓  20 Years+ Gas Assist Injection Molding Parts Manufacture Experience
  Over 20 Years Experience GAIM Mold Designer
✓  Quality GAIM Mold Making Experience(Sodick Mitsubishi EDM. support)
  Automatic Servo Robotics Production
✓  Quality Assurance
✓  Moldflow Analysis Find Potential issues
  Professonial Gas Assist Injection Molding (GAIM) Technolog Engineer
   Lifetime Free Warranty on Mold

Complete Turnkey Gas Assisted Injection Molding Solution

Thick Wall Plastic Parts Saviour--Gas Assisted Injection Molding

Gas assist injection molding is displacing molten plastic from thicker sections of the part toward areas in the cavity that are last to fill, nitrogen gas pressure creates channels within the part. Through the gas channels, pressure is transmitted evenly across the part, eliminating warpage, sink marks, internal stress and increased the strength and rigidity. This process can be implemented thick wall and complex products:

  Smooth Surface
  Minimizes Manufactring Defects
  Improved Dimensional Quality
  No Sink Mark
  Light Weight Porducts
  No warppage

Premium Gas Assisted Injection Molding Tooling Design & Making

If you want to achieve quality parts, ensure you get the mold design, making and Moldflow right. Tooling cost, timeline and resulting part quality will be directly impacted by the quality and efficacy of the tooling. 

It is important to engage your molder during the early stages of part design in the design for manufacturing (DFM) phase. 

We use the latest UG technology and software to create a robust mold design that’s built to SPI standards, as well as Moldflow analysis to evaluate all mold designs and parts prior to development. 

A team that delivers timely service & consistent quality

When the mold engineer determines gas assist is the best solution, the mold will be designed with gas channels built in to the mold that will allow the addition of nitrogen gas during the molding process. Determining your molding method early will conserve tooling cost and help to maintain project timelines.  Getting your molder involved early will be critical to a cost effective, high-quality product.

1. Comprehensive Service

Capable project management from design to final part. 
One-stop service for all of our clients’ plastic molding needs.

2.  Gas Assisted Injection Molding Industry Experience

Decades of custom gas assist jection molding engineering and 
processing experience.

3.  Premium Quality Products & Workmanship

Durable, high quality components you expect from an 
ISO 9001 facility, including maximum yield and minimum waste.

4.  Variety of Design & Material Options

Customized design and making a full range of  plastic material 
offerings, such as PP, ABS, Nylon....etc.

Advantages of Gas Assisted Injection Molding

Gas Assisted Injection Molding (GAIM) is a relatively new technology in plastic injection molding that offer opportunities to reduce molding cost, improve quality and allow designer to be even more imaginative and freedom in the creation of injection molding parts. the benefits including:

●  Saving Material
●  Reduced Part Weight
●  Reduced Cost
●  Decreased Cycle Time
●  Increased Part Strength and Rigidity
●  Reduced Warpage and Distortion
●  Improved Part Appearance
●  Improved Design Freedom

Applications of Gas Assisted Injection Molding

Gas assisted injection molding involves the introduction of nitrogen under pressure to the mold cavity at a set time during the molding cycle. The aim is to either hollow out thick section moldings and eliminate shrinkage and warpage in thin section injection molding. Gas assist injection molding can result in stronger plastic parts due to the ‘box section’ effect. This process have a wide indudtry application, including:
● Appliance Handles
● Steering Wheel
● Automotive Handles
● Treadmill Support
● Canopy Base
● Children Car Frame
● Children Safe Chair Backboard
● Coat Hanger
● Tool Box
● And More
One-stop Solution for Gas Assisted Injection Molding

From concept to manufacturing, Amazing Plastics provides a competitive advantage in custom gas assist injection molding plastic parts through early supplier involvement in the design and engineering phase, design for manufacturability, project management, mold building, material selection support.
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