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China Leading Automotive Injection Molding Manufacturer

Amazing Plastics is your optimum partner for injection molding of long-run automotive plastic parts. We specialize in custom injection molding automotive plastic parts in lower and larger volumes, for many companies within the automotive industry. We provide assistance throughout each stage of your program, from design suggestion through material selection, mold making, first article approval, process validation, full scale production.

We offer the most reliable automotive plastic parts manufacturing that reach your quality standard, and also including expertise, experience of automotive plastic parts. meet customer request is our ultimate objectives.

Our Core Competencies

Amazing Plastics can meet the most complex product requirements and is pleased to work along with you to translate your needs into high quality injection molding solutions, in accordance with the international standards that apply within the automotive industry. base on us:

     Over 20 Years of Automotive Plastic Parts Manufacturing Experience

     Exact Moldflow (Autodesk) Analysis and Mold Design

     Rich Experience in Automotive Mold Building

     Sodick Surface Erosion EDM., Mitsubishi Wire Cut EDM.

     Best of Class Injection Machine (All-Electric Haitian)

     PAPP for Guaranteeing the Most Reliable Quality

     Servo Robotics, View System

     Processing Expertise with a Range of Materials

Applications of Automotive Plastic Parts

We are a reliable automotive injection molding partner for the production of the most diverse assignments for interior components. Amazing Plastics has everything to meet the dynamic and challenging needs of today's automotive industry. These are some examples of our molding solutions:
  Cup holder
  Door and Window Frames
  Air Conditioning and Ventilation Parts
  Console Parts
  Fenders, Grilles, Bumpers
  Lamp Shell
  Under the hood plastic parts
  Dashboard faceplates
  Light housing

Our Capabilities

 Automotive Parts Injection Molding
Provide one-stop service for the production and transportation of automotive plastic parts. Ability to quickly adapt to changes in automotive parts and reduce waste at start-up.
 Mold Manufacturing Capabilities
Tight tolerance and percision process for Automotive Mold Manufacturing. World-class injection mold service with experience and effective cost saving.
 Automotive Parts Quality Control
Our quality system is based on basic elements: ISO 9001, IATF16949 quality standards, Accurate customer specifications and delivery requirements.

Key Point to Successful Manufacturing Automotive Plastic Parts

With our experience in article and mold design, craftsmanship and high-tech, we create solutions with added value. As a partner to various industries, we deep understand the material performance and mold requirements for automotive applications very well.
  Excellent Mold Desgin

■  Moldflow Analysis
■  Mold Cooling System
■  Mold Core Material
■  Porduct Material
■  Tight Porcess Tolerance
■  Scientific Gate Type, Location, Quantity
■  Servo Automatic Assist System
■  Scientific Molding
■  Mold Structure Optimization
■  Top-ranking  Injection Machine

One-stop OEM Your Automotive Plastic Parts

We overcome the challenges of injection molding by assisting in the design and manufacture of molds that will produce high precision, geometrically complex automotive plasitc parts in high volumes. Our best-in-class engineering and manufacturing capabilities have earned us a reputation as a trusted partner for customers across a range of industries, including automotive, consumer, medical, and electrical. For additional information on our injection molding capabilities and how we serve the automotive industry, contact us now
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