Insert Molding

Custom Insert Injection Molding Service

Insert injection molding is a injection molding process that with start placing metal into the mold, then the mold cavities filled with molten plastic. Once the plastic has cooled, the inserted parts are firmly bound to, and integrated into, the plastic parts. Inserts can be steel, screw brass, magnets, Aluminum, or just about any substance that can withstand injection molding process. Insert molding is a lower-cost alternative to other manufacturing methods

Superior & Precision Insert Molding Specialist

Our engineers have 20+ years of combined experience in insert molding, with extensive knowledge of part designing, mold designing, part fill simulation and material expertise to help guide you during the design phase.

   Engineering Design & Development
   In-house Mold Room
   Scientific Molding
   Dedicated Injection Enngieer
   Design for Manufacturability
   Innovative Mold Design
   Potential Issues Discovery

Our Core Competencies

There is no cookie-cutter approach to solve every design dilemma. That is why we offer our customers access to our full-service, in-house engineering experts. We work across all industries to develop comprehensive insert molding solutions for every engineering challenge, from build-to-print insert molding assemblies to complex and custom insert moding plastic products.
 Espeically Good at Magnet as Insert a Series Porducts
✓ Over 20 Years  Experience in Insert molding
✓ Autodesk Moldflow Analysis
✓ 20 Years+ Experience Insert Molding Tooling Designer 
✓ 5-axis Precision Milling
✓ Sodick EDM. Surface Erosion Processing
 Mitsubishi Wire Cut EDM. Processing
 Strict Quality Control Process Management
✓ Fully Automated, Robotic Insert Placement in Dedicated Injection Cells

Complete Turnkey Insert Molding Solution


Custom Insert Molding Manufacturing Specialist

Vertical injection machine are beneficial for insert molding. With vertical molding, molds open and close on the y-axis, allowing gravity to do the work of holding inserts in the mold and eliminating the need for a specially made mold.

The plastic molding process calls for very high accuracy to ensure that the resulting plastic parts are properly formed. Even a slight misalignment can completely ruin the outcome, hence the need for very tight quality control procedures. 

We having replaced the operator handloading and removing of an insert with the loading and removing of those inserts by precision robotics. The introduction of and expertise in the use of this automation minimizes the variables that affect final part quality by ensuring a consistent, reliable, and repeatable process.

Quality Insert Molding Tooling Making

The right mold design and construction are critically important in insert molding to maintain part tolerances and tooling reliability. Ultra precise tooling making forms the basis for the quality of the insert molding in series production. 

The mold of insert molding necessitates extremely tight tolerances to ensure the proper formation of the plastic parts being created. The slightest misalignment of even a fraction of a millimeter can lead to the ultimate failure of the molding process.

Our mold designer evaluate both machinability, design for manufacturing and durability in their designsBesides Moldflow analysis, we use our years of experience in constructing molds. 

Insert Molding Manufacturing Core Critical Point

In the insert molding process, the mold is specially designed to hold the inserts in place, allowing plastic resins to flow and harden around the inserts. A completed part or inserted component is then ejected from the machine with the inserts installed. This process eliminates the need for post-production assembly and ensures a tight bond between the plastic part and its inserts. Below is some key points that we summarized about insert molding products manufacturing according to our experience:
  Mold Making Feasibliity
■  Inserts Easy to Fit and Fixed
■  Inserts Must be Tight Tolerance
■  Cavities Quantity
■  Design for Manufacturability
■  Mold Design
■  Gate type ,Location, Quantity
■  Mold Machining Tight Tolerance
■  Vertical Molding If Available
■  Automation Production
■  The Insert Must be Inserted Precisely

Advantages of Insert Molding

As a leader among plastic injection molding companies, we employ state-of-the-art production technology and a wide range of effective techniques for precise custom plastic injection molding and manufacturing. This allows us to maximize yield and reduce waste, while maintaining consistent quality and on-time delivery at a competitive price. benefit of insert molding including:
   Lower Assembly Cost
   Reduced Weight and Size
   Improved Component Reliability
   Improved Part Strength and Structure 
   Increasing Design Flexibility 
   Improved  Part Quality Probability
   Improved Production Efficiency
   Consistent Part Quality

Application of Insert Molding
Metal inserts is commonly used for reinforcing the mechanical properties of the plastic parts that are created through the insert injection molding process. Insert molding of products are used in a wide range of applications. Generally, it is an accessory of a whole product. but it's an indispensable is process to complete a perfect product.
   Medical Devices
   Knobs for Appliances
   Electronic Devices Foot Pad
   Threaded Fasteners
   Electrical Appliances Shell
   Automotive Parts
   Computer/Power/USB Cable Connector
   Office Products
   Screwdriver, Key

One-stop Plastic Insert Molding Solution
Since 2001, we have been a complete solution for insert molding. Our success is due to our ability to consistently provide customers with the highest quality parts, work within their budgets and completion dates, and ensure every customer need is met with outstanding service. So if have any project discuss, contact us now
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