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Professional Electronic & Electrical Plastic Parts Manufacturer

Plastic materials are ideal for use in numerous electrical and electronic applications. When compared to other materials, plastics are far superior thanks to their ability to help improve safety, provide insulation, and so much more. It is used in a variety of industries and not just for electronic product industry. In fact, you have a wide variety of injection molding parts all around you. Your basic pens, your keyboard, and even your phone have injection molding components in them.

Reliable Custom Electronic & Electrical Plastic Parts Manufacturing Solutions

We're an engineering driven manufacturer of custom plastic injection molding products. We are experts in producing high precision and standard-sized complex electronic electrical plastic parts. These include electrical connectors, computer connectors, automotive under the hood components, or any other tight tolerance injection molding products requiring a wide range of engineering grade thermoplastics.
    Material selection
    Internal and external threads molding
    Custom insert molding
    Hydraulic and pneumatic core pulls
    Collapsible Core
    Over molding two or more plastic materials
    Servo automatiion porduction

Our Core Competencies
Injection molding plays a major part in electronic and electrical engineering component manufacturing with the majority of electronic components utilizing plastics for their inert characteristics, flexible applications, conductive and non-conductive properties, and low assembly costs.
● Excellent Moldflow
● Reasonable Process Arrangements
● Sodick Ram EDM., Wire Cut EDM., 5-Axis CNC Mold Machining
All-electric Haitian Injection Machine
● Quality Management
● Innovative Mold Design
20 Years+ Mold Making Experience
● Professional Injection Engineer

Turnkey Custom Electronic & Electrical Plastic Parts Manufacturing Solution

Design for Manufacturability

Design for manufacturability (DFM) is a critical early stage in the development process to ensure your part can be cost-effectively produced with repeatable quality. Beginning with understanding the parts intended use, the DFM approach requires attentiveness to all facets of part design including material section, the design of the tooling, and the production process. some more benefits:
   Reduce processing cycle times
   Reduce lead time
   Optimize mold design
   Help identify potential issues( such as warp, stress, shrinkage etc.)
   Reduce design changes after molds are make
   Improve mold lifetime
   Improve part quality

Automation Injection Molding Specialist

Our tooling and molding specialists will work with customers to provide engineering support to optimize the product’s design for best manufacturability at the lowest possible cost. We give our customers added value through our flexible production options, durable, long-lasting molds, and expert insight.

We have expertise in implementing automation at the injection molding machines with flexible work cell automation systems. The introduction of and expertise in the use of this automation minimizes the variables that affect final part quality by ensuring a consistent, reliable, and repeatable process.

Our Capabilities

 Electrical Electronic Plastic Parts Production

Our injection molding machines and automation systems meet all mandatory specifications and standards.

 Mold Manufacturing Capabilities

Experience in precision electrical plastic parts mold manufacturing. Optimized mold solution to ensure the quality and save cost.

 Electrical Plastic Parts Quality Control

Advanced and perfect quality control system. High quality materials, clean work flow, specific work flow.

One-stop OEM Plastic Parts for Your Electronic & Electrical

Aligning with your injection molding partner to choose the best and proper raw material for your plastic part early in the design for manufacturability process, is crucial to a part’s production success. No matter what type of electronics your company manufactures, the professionals at Amazing Plastics can provide the best heat-resistant and durable plastic material at the best prices. Our team of professional molders will create the best OEM plastic parts for your company every time.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today and get the finest injection molding solution and the best possible price!
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