Medical Plastic Components

China Leading Medical Injection Molding Company
Amazing Plastics has expertise in providing cost-saving, high quality injection molding solutions to the Medical Device industry. Our expertise in medical injection molding allow us to support tight tolerance components to complete medical devices or parts.
We understand the importance of quality in medical injection molding manufacturing. By leveraging our extensive knowledge of the medical industries, we provide full-service, turnkey plastic medical injection molding solutions that fully comply with industry specifications and standards.

Turnkey Medical Injection Molding Solution

Our team has the expertise and technical knowledge to assist with your medical device products across various stages and complexity. We love to get involved in the earliest stages of product development to make sure that our customers have the plastic engineering expertise avoiding any costly hiccups in the development process

Our expertise and experience with medical device injection molding means that we can provide a virous of support and assistance that other providers cannot. we can provide guidance on the manufacturability of medical device parts ready to be custom injection molded, or to create a mold design with the proper actions, gate locations, temperature control and venting.

Our Core Competencies
We understand medical customers must have the peace of mind knowing their medical device will not fail. Top-quality standards are met in the solutions we create, and we have earned long term contracts and partnerships with world-class medical device manufacturers.
■   Best in Class Medical Injection Molding Equipment(All-electric Haitian)
    Servo Robotics,view system Automative Production
    20 Years Experience Injection Engineer
■   High Precision Mold(Sodick Surface Erosion, Mitsubishi Wire Cut Maching)
    Innovative Mold Design
■   Processing Expertise with a Wide Range of Mdeical Materials
■   Complete Quality Control & Inspection
■   Leading Secondary Kitting

Complete Medical Injection Molding Solution

We are continually innovating due to the stringent requirements in the medical industry for rugged solutions that need IP ratings, durability, and reliability. Our commitment is and always will be quality first.

Medical Device Injection Molding Specialist

We leverages automation and robotics in our production lines to increase efficiency and decrease rejects. Our customers, in turn, reap the benefits of higher production throughputs, productivity savings, and for medical devices, reduced contamination from human handling.

   Design For Manufacturability(DFM)
   Innovative Mold Design
   Expertise a Wide Virous of Medical Material
   Reliable Mold Manufacturing
   Scientific Molding
   Discover Potenial Issues
■  Quality Assurance

Dedicated Engineer Support

We draw on our deep expertise to take on your complex part design at any step of development — from concept to production — and are able to assist with design, engineering, manufacturability, secondary processes and more.

Our engineering teams gives clients unparalleled support for their project. We have developed an intense engineer development program based upon the principles of Quality by Design with a focus on design for manufacturability and design for assembly. 

   Project-based Support
   Process Optimization
■   Quality Engineering 
■   Scientific Validation

Our Capabilities

Our medical plastic injection molding solutions that increase quality, security and provide cost advantages for the Medical Industry. Our experts provide Project Management solutions from Concept to Operational Excellence. our medical device injection molding capability including:
● Insert Molding
● Overmolding
● Thin Wall Injection Molding
● High Temperature Molding
● In-Mold Decoration
● Gas Assist Injection Molding
● Modflow
● Mold Design & Manufacturing
● Program Management
● Quality Control

Applications of Medical Injection Molding

Medical devices or products that are manufactured from injection molding have contributed to a reduction in medical costs, add safe, and reduce weight. We have collaborated with healthcare professional company for decades to develop and manufacture plastic medical parts and devices for a variety of applications. some of the medical markets we serve are:
●  Forehead Thermometer
●  Blood Paddle Filter
●  Injector for Medical Purpose
●  Surgical Instruments
●  Test Tubes and Beakers
●  Dental Instruments
●  Medical Equipment Components
●  Orthopaedic Instruments
●  Disposable Blood Vlooection Neddle
●  Pipette

One-stop OEM Your Medical Device Injection Molding

In order to complete your medical injection molding or medical device parts development manufacture, Amazing Plastics provides various auxiliary services including:

     ● Assembly using pneumatic or manual methods to join molded parts

     ● Ultrasonic welding to create a durable bond between two or more components

     ● Pad printing,Screen printing,paint,plating,packaging and other kitting services

From concept to delivery, Amazing Plastics provides a competitive advantage in custom medical injection molding plastic parts through early supplier involvement in the design and engineering phase, design for manufacturability, project management, mold making, material selection support.
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